What is a hard money loan? Real estate investing loans that secured by a "hard" asset, such as real estate is a hard money loan. You will find that hard money lenders come with higher interest loan rates frequently between 8% to 14% and have shorter terms around twelve months. They are often issues in days to weeks.

A Direct Private Money Lending Source for all of your Commercial and.. Purchase and Refinance Rates starting at 4.99% recourse and non recourse available.

Shannon O’Brien and his team at Gateway Capital Mortgage bring over a decade of knowledge and experience of helping investors find the financing they need to accomplish their goals. Since 2007, we’ve closed hundreds of hard money loans in the State of Florida creating millions of dollars in profits for our clients.

But a HUD report issued last fall found that nearly 90,000 reverse mortgage loans held by seniors. including Florida and California, that have created programs to help seniors catch up on their.

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A hard money loan is secured by the value of the subject real estate property, not by the borrower’s credit score. That’s how hard money lenders protect themselves against default by the borrower. Therefore these loans can be obtained rather quickly. hard money” is a term used mostly in the U.S. and Canada where this kind of loan is common.

What would stop someone from making a move and filling out forms to save $100 or $200 a month on a mortgage payment? Especially if that person lived in a hard-hit housing. a traditional refinance.

Investors have multiple options for making money on the loans they purchase. For eligible mortgages. geographically concentrated in areas hard hit by foreclosures, such as Chicago; Newark, New.

We arrange both residential and commercial loans within the state of Florida. Learn More. Brokers & Affiliates . Hundreds of Florida mortgage brokers, loan originators, and real estate professionals trust M&M Private Lending group to handle their private mortgages and hard money loan requests.