Tax and judgment lien rules introduced in 2017 could make it easier for some people to have removed from their personal credit reporting.

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Search Florida Division of Corporations database of corporations, trademarks, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, fictitious names, judgment liens, and federal lien registrations by name, registered agent, trademark name, address or zip code.

The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Homeowners Beat Banks To Court As South Florida Attorney Files 25 Federal Suits Alleging Fraud, Violations Of Lending Laws; Seeks To Undo Lousy Loans Glossary of legal terms used by attorneys in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents , maritime contracts and commerce, alleged violations of rules of the sea over.. For Federal cases there are Federal Courts of Appeal in ten different "circuits,".. The question of bad faith may be raised as a defense to a suit on a contract.

Lien Stripping in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases: lessons for Secured Creditors. Two examples are a federal tax lien and a mechanic’s lien. tax lien: a lien on property imposed by a government (local, state, or. Judicial Lien A judicial lien is imposed by a court and created.

A judgment in a civil action shall create a lien on all real property of a. copy of the abstract of the judgment in the manner in which a notice of tax lien would be.

This means the creditor cannot later sue you to collect the debt and use the judicial lien (see above) to garnish your wages or take money out of your bank account. The creditor’s right to use the lien to recover the collateral. It’s your creditor’s right to offset any amount you owe by selling the collateral securing the debt.

Aug. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and its Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) today announced that $600 million in liens filed against. and.

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A judicial lien is a type of lien that is placed on a debtor’s property. It allows a creditor to obtain title to the debtor’s property in the event that the debtor has failed to make payments on a loan such as a mortgage. Judicial liens are usually obtained in connection with the final judgment issued in a lawsuit between the debtor and creditor.

junior lien in the non-judicial foreclosure of a senior lien. 4 However, where a non-judicial foreclosure of a lien senior to that of a federal tax lien has occurred without notice to the Government, and where the junior tax lien has been recorded more than thirty days prior to the sale, then the