A few other things to keep in mind while waiting in line (recommendations from RRBC): 1. Leave your pop-up tents and easy ups at home. Umbrellas, rain gear, camping chairs are recommended. 2. Don’t camp out in front of businesses, if people are trying to go in and out of the businesses, kindly move out of the way.

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Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, which was operated by two private companies – Florida-based GEO Group and Utah-based. s inmate population was falling and could not afford to keep open the.

“Today, where the orange groves once stood, houses now stand within a few. -Jill Krueger, writing in the Orlando Business Journal on a changing Florida1. sparsely populated, more people meant more jobs and more opportunities. Plans to widen roads and add lanes can't keep up with the state's population growth.

Help for Struggling Homeowners. Administration officials predicted that the program would enable 3 million to 4 million families to keep their homes. Yet as of February, one year after it was.

Florida's natural lands and waters are at the core of our state's prosperity, What does the future hold for Florida's fish and wildlife? That's up to all of us.

We will keep you posted on the alimony reform debate this legislative session. A schedule will be in place to allow existing alimony payors the opportunity to. brought change as societal norms shifted away from single-income homes to.. and swift change would come far short of the near-decade of struggle the likes of .

Protect your Florida Residence in Summer: Tips for the Absentee Homeowner. Nearly everything in your Florida home is vulnerable to the effects of high humidity, which causes: rusting appliances; mold and mildew growth; corrosion to electronic equipment and computers; deterioration to wood, cotton and leather; warping of woodwork; musty odors; insect infestation; and flaking paint and peeling wallpaper.

Homeowners don’t generally think about filling the shoes of a first-time home seller until they decide to buy a new home. Usually, the motivating factor is the need to move — due to work-related issues or the needs of a growing family — and that generally involves buying another house.

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