Crypto-investment products are growing in popularity. There are more than 30,000 crypto-related domain registrations.. The licensee failed to report an administrative action against it by the state of Texas within 30 days, as required by state law.. the insurance commissioner ordered Marinelli to cease and desist from acting as an.

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The Texas State Securities Board, the body responsible for regulating securities in the region, has issued an "Emergency Cease and Desist Order" to five crypto companies it alleges are illegally and fraudulently offering investments to Texas residents.

Positive Developments. It is easy to get bogged down in the negative, especially with so much "fear porn" in the alternative media nowadays. But it is important to take note of the positive developments and achievements that people and groups all over the world are reporting on an ever increasing scale.

Apparently. apparently definition: Apparently is defined as knowing something about it just by looking at it. (adverb) Ten newspapers on the porch of a home is an example that no one is apparently home..

A bogus startup offering 8% weekly returns on cryptocurrency and medical marijuana was hit by the Texas State Securities Board yesterday, in another move by against crypto-related financial crimes by U.S. regulators.. The Board filed a cease-and-desist order (CDO) against Mark Moncher for allegedly trying to sell unregistered securities through his "financial freedom club," also called.

Crypto Investment Industry Research State of. Texas Issues Another Cease-and-Desist over Alleged Crypto Fraud. the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) issued a new cease-and-desist order on.

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The Texas State Securities Board this week finished its second regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrency offerings with two emergency actions against businesses claiming they have the expertise and financial strength to deliver high-yielding, no-risk returns.

The Texas State Security Board has issued a cease and desist to crypto investing site LeadInvest, citing a fraudulent selling of unlicensed securities.

The Securities Commissioner of the state of Texas filed an emergency cease and desist order for BitConnect late Thursday evening. In the official report, the Texas State securities board accuses the London-based investment platform of fraud and the selling of unlicensed securities. BitConnect in Hot Water

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